By Robert Robinson
Ecclesiastical Researches, 1790 (This is a large GOOGLE BOOKS pdf)

By John Spilsbery
God's Ordinance, The Saint's Privilege
A Treaties Concerning The Lawful Subject of Baptism

By Ronald E. Pound
An Investigation of Arminian Baptism
Particular Baptist Origins and Outreaches, 1633-1660
The Administrator of Baptism
Vindication of the Old Paths
Critical Lectures on Baptist Succession
A Grammatical Study of Ekklesia
The Biblical Method of Church Constitution
The French Connection

The Authority of Jesus Christ (How Christ's Authority is Exerciesed in his Absence)

By Thomas Patient
The Doctrine of Baptism and The Distinction of The Covenants

By Benjamin Keach
The Church of Jesus Christ in Biblical Types and Metaphors

By Edward Drapes
The Visible and Invisible Worship of God

By Danial King
Way to Sion I
Some Beams of Light
Stumbling Blocks Removed

By J. M. Pendleton
An Old Landmark Reset
By Hansard Knollys
The Church, Ministries and Ordinances
Parable of the Ten Virgins
Song Of Solomon
A Moderate Answer to Dr. Bastwick

Mystical Babylon Unvailed
By T. Paul
Answers to John Bunyan
By Robert Garner
A Treaties of Baptism
By Henry D'Anvers
Innocency and Truth Vindicated
Treaties on Baptism
By William Kiffin
A Sober Discourse of the Right to Church-Communion
A Breif Remonstrance, The Reason and Grounds for Their  Seperation (Anabaptist)
By J. P. Boyce
Local, Visible EKKLESIA

By Donald Moffiitt
Ecclesiological Downgrade: The Loss of the Doctrine of the Local Church

By Dirk Phillips
The Sending of Preachers or Teachers

Google Books (Large file download)
By Robert Robinson
The History of Baptism  
Miscellaneous Works of Robert Robinson
Graves-Ditzler Debate

By John Spencer
The Lawfulness of Every Man Exercising His Gift
Caleb Vernon's Baptism

By C. B. Hassell and Sylvester Hassell
Characteristics of the Apostolic Church-
Twelve Marks of an Apostolic Church

By William Smoot
The Gospel Ministry

By William Jeyes Styles


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Church Fellowship   No. 9
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Church Fellowship   No. 5     Church Fellowship   No. 11
Church Fellowship   No. 6
      Church Fellowship   No. 12

By Adolph Saphir
Christ and the Church,
Thoughts on The Apostolic Commission

Christ and the Church No. 1
Christ and the Church No. 2
Christ and the Church No. 3
Christ and the Church No. 4
Christ and the Church No. 5
Christ and the Church No. 6

By B.R. White
The Organization of The Particular Baptist, 1644-1660
Joseph Taylor
Beauty in the Lord in His Temple
By Samuel Richardson
The Necessity of Toreration in Matters of Religion
Plain Dealings: The Unvailing of the Opposers of the Present Government
Questions: Whether Corporal Punishment may be Inflicted for Errors in Religion

By Hercules Collins
An Orthodox Catechism
Allen William
Doubt Resolved (the proper admistrator of the Gospel Ordinanaces)
Some Baptismal Abuses Briefly Discovered