The Particular Baptist Library
"...he that aspires to obtain an accurate and extensive acquaintance with the gospel must learn to think."  William J. Styles

J.M. Carroll

The Abington Association and the Church in the Hop Garden

By Isaac Backus
(Google Books, large file download)
A History of New England Particular Baptist

By L. P. Brockett
The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia

The Black Rock Address

J. M. Carroll
The Trail of Blood

By John Clark
ILL News From New England

By The Hansard Knollys Society 
(Google Books)
The Records of a Church of Christ meeting in Broadmead, Bristol

A Letter In Vindication of Henry D'Anvers

By R. E. Pound
Some Critical Lectures on Baptist Succession
Particular Baptist Origins, 1633-1660
Notes on Londons Oldest Baptist Church
The Particular Baptist Outreach in the Midlands

By John Pendarves
Arrows Against Babylon

By John Spilsbury
The Funeral Sermon of John Spilsbury

By John Spittlehouse
A Vindication of the Continued Succession of the Primitive Church

By B.R. White
The Organization of Particular Baptist, 1644-1660
Baptist History: