The Particular Baptist Library
"...he that aspires to obtain an accurate and extensive acquaintance with the gospel must learn to think."  William J. Styles
We started gathering materials for The Old Faith Baptist Library back in the 1970s. Many brethren, some gone on to the Lord, and some still living, helped me over the years.

First among those who have gone on, I must mention Dr. R L Crawford, who lived many years in Hayward Calif., and then Elder Elvis Gregory, of Columbus, Mississippi.

Among those living, Elder John O’Brien has helped the most in placing so very many of these old works into Ms. Word. He placed the complete writings of Henry D’Anvers into Ms Word in about two weeks, amazing feat. Never before had D’Anvers old historical works been placed into modern print. Brother John has placed by far the most of these old works into Ms Word.

Elder Leroy Rhodes of Illinois has been a dear friend and helper in many ways nearly 35 years and has supplied me with so many of the old and rare historical works by Particular Baptist of the past. His site is one of the best on the www in our opinion. We have a link to it. (

Of more recent date Elder Chris Hanna has supplied us with his back up copies on DVD of all the known historical works from the 1600's. This was an amazing effort on Brother Chris’s part and all should know how much this helped me to replace so many of my old historical works that had been burned.

Elder David Hethorn is our webmaster and a dear friend for many years. He has labored many hours and has spent a considerable sum of money to place up and continue to improve the present site of our holds. Brother David’s efforts are going around the world and without him and his help I could not do this work on the www.

Many other brethren have also helped place one or two volumes into MS Word over the years. I cannot remember them all, but there have been many such as Elder W L Tullos up in Anchorage, Alaska.
An Acknowledgement By Dr R.E. Pound,