The Particular Baptist Library
"...he that aspires to obtain an accurate and extensive acquaintance with the gospel must learn to think."  William J. Styles

CHRISTOLOGY: The Christology of the First London Confession of Faith, and its supporting documents; making proper distinctions between the Divine Nature of Jesus Christ as God the Word and the Human Nature of Jesus Christ, as the Mediator of the New and Everlasting Covenant, setting forth the historic Christology in distinction from all forms of Mariology and Irvinism.

ESCHATOLOGY: Holding The historic method in distinction from Irivnism, Darbyism, Scofieldism and Dispensationalism.

ECCLESIOLOGY: the Gospel Church, with its members, ministers, ordinances, faith, order, worship and works, in distinction from Papal, Protestant, Puritan, and Baptist High-Church concepts.
THEOLOGY: Setting forth the Absolute Predestination, the Doctrines of Grace, the Absolute Sovereignty of God, Justification by Christ alone when he died on the cross, in His body, by His blood, in opposition to Luther's doctrine of meritorious faith, New Covenant Theology in oppsition to Reformed and Puritan Theology with it One Covenant Two Administrations Theory, and distinguishing the difference between Christ's work on the Cross which was and is actual Justification, and God's Eternal Purpose or Decree to Justify, which is decreed or eternal justification, holding both concepts.

Our purpose is to display the Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology and Bibliology contained in the First London Confession of Faith, with the various writings of their signers. We also present the additional Confessions and works of those churches and brethren in fellowship with the First London Confession of Faith.

Index of Subjects:

HISTORY:  Maintaining the historic and original concepts of Baptist history before the influences of Dexterism, Whitsittism and modern Southern and Reformed Baptist's revisionism.