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"...he that aspires to obtain an accurate and extensive acquaintance with the gospel must learn to think."  William J. Styles
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By James Wells
Predestination: Relative to the Elect and Non-Elect

God's Decree And The Predestination of All Things
A Compilation of Twenty-six Authors from 1696-2005

By Benjimen Keach
The Suritiship of Christ Opened and Set Forth

Hansard Knollys
Christ Exalted: A lost Sinner Sought and Saved by Christ

By Daniel Parker
Treatise on The Two Seeds

By S. E. Pierce
Commentary on John 17

By R. E. Pound
The Doctrine of Providence
The Biblical Doctrine of Reprobation
Christ's Redemptive Knowledge
The Eternal, Paternal Union Preserved and Maintained by Jesus Christ (part 1)
The Eternal, Paternal Union Preserved and Maintained by Jesus Christ (part 2)
The Divine Names in the Book of Job
The Grace of Obedience I
The Grace of Obedience II
  The Grace of Obedience III
   The Grace of Obedience IV
   The Grace of Obedience V

By Samuel Richardson
Divine Consolations
Justification by Christ Alone

William Rushton
A Defence of Particular Redemption
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By Isaac Backus
The Sovereign Decrees of God

By David Bartley (large file)
Man Redeemed From Sin and Death

By Gilbert Beebe
Eternal Vital Union

By John Brine
A Defense of the Doctrine of Eternal Justification
A Refutation of Arminian Principles

By Hercules Collins
A Discourse Upon the Decress of God

By Benjamen Cox
Pelagian Errors

By Edward Drapes
The Manifesting of the Man Christ Jesus as Mediator

By Robert Garner
Mystries Unvailed, The Doctrine of Redemption

By John Gill
The Doctrine of Presdestination

By P. Hobson
Practical Divinity

By Joseph Hussey
God's Operation of Grace, part 1
God's Operation of Grace, part 2

By William Styles
A Manual of Faith and Practice

By Samuel Trott
The Absolute Predestination of All Things
David R. Hethorn
Blazon Industries
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